Hey all! So, I WAS going to do some cinematography tests but, instead, I decided to release some photo’s from a live show, the album release part of a local band called this Ship. Enjoy! You can see more of these photo’s here: http://500px.com/DavidFulde


Singing the song by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Singing the song by DavidFulde

Violin by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Violin by DavidFulde Warm and cool by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Warm and cool by DavidFulde Peaking light by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Peaking light by DavidFulde

David “Photo’s and Stuff” Fulde

Greetings all! Now, this week I decided to take a break from compositing since I realized that I’m REALLY into watches and wanted to try my hand at product photography! Here are the results

Freelensing Watches by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Freelensing Watches by DavidFuldeOriental Blue by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Oriental Blue by DavidFuldeOriental Mess by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Oriental Mess by DavidFuldeFree as a Lens by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Free as a Lens by DavidFuldeHorizontal by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Horizontal by DavidFuldeORIENT AUTOMATIC by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
ORIENT AUTOMATIC by DavidFuldeDate by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Date by DavidFuldeBlue and Red by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Blue and Red by DavidFulde

Next week, back to more compositing!
David “Watches are cool” fulde

Greetins all!
So, this week I WAS going to make a walkthrough of my “INTENSE”photo set but then I re-discovered glitch art

One or two of these are actually very personal. The first image more so than anything else (A poem I wrote awhile back is embedded in the image, along with playing with the code)

the second image has the first draft of a script copy/pasted into it a few times.  As you can see, some of these turned out better than others. It was fun and I can see myself using techniques similar to these in the future. It is great fun!

no photo-editing programs were used to make any of these

David “*g/îg3gwñiiâiP√ëäüä” Fulde

Greetings all! so, a few days back I went out into the cold with a friend of mine and shot some eagles! Uh- with a camera.

Wrong Neighbourhood by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Wrong Neighbourhood by DavidFulde

The Feast by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
The Feast by DavidFulde

The Feast is probably one of my favourites of the set. There is just so much going on, yet it doesn’t feel busy.

Wait your turn by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Wait your turn by DavidFulde

flurry by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
flurry by DavidFulde

Flurry is another one of my favourites; As it looks so much like a composite image: But it isn’t.

Fight for the food by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Fight for the food by DavidFulde

Swooping down by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Swooping down by DavidFulde

Soaring by DavidFulde ) on 500px.com
Soaring by DavidFulde

David “Birds are cool” Fulde

greetings all! sorry for the delays post, but due to some upload issues this is as quickly as I could post today!

alright, so, I WAS going to do a video that was a foley test on my ‘Preparation’ video, but then Canada Day happened and I wanted to socialize for once. So, I found some photo’s I shot awhile back and decided to release them!

Light through the dark

Light through the Dark

Light in death

Light in Death

Broken dreams

Broken Dreams

It was a fun photoshoot, and I am really proud of some of the images that came out of it. More on my flickr page

Greetings all! so, I was busy recently, and could not shoot something this week HOWEVER! Through the magic of foresight I have some new material for Project mondday! (that I jsut happened to shoot months and months ago…)

I went out on a small photo walk, taking pictures of buildings because, well, why not? this is the result.

One of few 

One of the last video rental stores in Halifax


I actually learned a lot on this photo about shooting urban decay. By over exposing slightly and bringing the highlights back down it gives the image a bit of an eerie look.

sliver of Light

A small bit of light poking through the shadows


Parallel lines.

so, that is it for this week! Next week should be fun! (Hint: It will have to do with a computer monitor)

David “circuitboards look like tiny cities” Fulde.

Greetings, one and all! so, today I WAS going to embed a youtube link, and get back to alternating youtube/vimeo ebedding BUT youtube won’t let me upload so… fuck that.

Anyways! Today’s video is a remake, in a different style completely, to an earlier video I made for Project Monday that was entitled DEXTERITY>

The remake is called Dexterity 2.0  I’m original aren’t I?

This video was fun, I’m still not happy with the result but thems the breaks!

Music is by the wonderful Josh Woodward.

Next up on the list of things to do today is talk abotu last weeks entry!

So, after talking with various creators who were interested in using the assets I released last week I came to the realization that creative commons does not lend itself well to Creative commons, SO: I am releasing the light leaks for FREE, no more liscenses.  Just use ‘em how you want and, if you want to show me your  work that you made with them, I want to see it! Send it to me on twitter ( @DavidJfulde) or email ro what have you!

David “I don’t know what to put here this week” fulde

I went out, and shot some cinemagraphs.  I ahve always loved them, when done well.  I think I took a good crack at it.


That Feeling of Weightlessness 

The Sights Forgotten

Coasting the Wave

Nothing Else Matters

All in all, I had fun with these.  I don’t know if I will do more cinemagraphs, but it would be fun!

-David Fulde