QuestionMy day 6 (of 15) is less than 12hrs away (5am call time) and the producer just called me saying they're going to add a new character that starts tomorrow and we need to issue a new call sheet... But doesn't know who this person is or what scenes they'll be in. Ever had that? How'd you deal? Answer



Release a blue call sheet that just says “LOL” under scenes, cast, and call time.

Yep. That sounds about right.


Writing a script is hard.

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I have recently gotten an amazing job, and have been spending a lot of time learning and growing there. So a lot of my time is going there. The rest of my time is going towards another thing I can;t talk about yet, but I will soon!

I am proud to announce that the FULL teaser for my short IMPACT is now out!

Check it out! We all worked hard on this and are really excited for you to see it!

Hello all! I know it’s not monday… but I have something for you!

A teaser for my latest short IMPACT hits tomorrow, and I couldn’t wait, so I released a small taste for you all ;)

So, the other day, I was feeling super creative, and I made this little video, reminiscent of Project Monday 1.0 

this was an experiment on in-camera colour control, absolutely no post-processing was done on this video. 


I will no longer reblog things on this tumblr… It will be reverting to strictly original content.


Rob Ford Smoking Crack

30x40” acrylic on stretched canvas.

I just convinced my friend to join tumblr. Her first post is this piece of god. 

  1. Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 500 HS
  2. Aperture: f/2
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 24mm

Post on social networks that you are sitting down to write.

I am amazed the change to myself that has happened in the last two weeks. 

Not long ago, I was having such trouble sleeping I could not rest my eyes until the sun had fully passed the horizon, and they would stay closed until well after that ball of gas was on the way back down.

Now I have started falling asleep at regular hours and waking up early. The idea of working best at night is a myth. I am happier, more active, get FAR more done in the same amount of time awake. It is such an interesting feeling to know that you have read an entire book before 1600, a time in which you often were waking up not two weeks ago. 

It is amazing what waking up early and doing some simple warm-up exercises (stretches, squats) has done for my state of being. I’m more creative, driven, and most importantly: Happy.