Project Monday

Aug 22


I just had to send an email to an 18 year old boy asking him on the state of his six pack.

For work.

I feel distinctly creepy.

Aug 16

“You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” — Jodi Picoult (via sylviaplant)

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Aug 09

Trilogies that aren;t trilogies

Spring Breakers, Idiocracy, The Road

Jul 21 -




Having all of the sudden random feels about screenwriting structure.


Talk to us about screenwriting structure? :) :) :) (Unless you’re busy or writing, in which case CARRY ON!)


I was just thinking of all the different ways…

Jul 20

Doing another AMA

Last one was a blast! 

I will answer EVERY question!

Jun 24



if you’re ever feeling sad, just remember that according to the infinite multiverse theory, there is a universe out there in which you are a member of starfleet and have probably saved the world at least once


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Jun 22

Today I made a vow to not work on anything

I’ve spent that past few weeks working (Note: I fucking love my job) and the weekends also, sort of working. I vowed today to not do anything remotely work related today… Let’s see if that works out at all :P

May 31


May 30

The letter Q is fucking useless

like, seriously. think about it… 

Any word with a Q in it can be replaced by a C of a CW (Possibly K/KW as well)

Just there so U can go on his fucking powertrip.

New writing desk!

New writing desk!